Combining psychology and creativity to craft memorable brands.

This is for the OG’s of NZ. Been in the business for a few years, your business has changed, the landscape of your industry has changed but you look and sound exactly the same as you did way back when.

The brand project is about celebrating where you were, where you are now and building a brand and communications for the future of your business.

The How

The branding process


Building the brand

Remember, information is power. Uncovering everything about your business, your market and your customers will give us all the ingredients we need to create greatness!


Designing the brand

Taking data and translating it into aesthetics and messaging is an art and a thing of beauty when done right. This is where we weave our creative magic and blow you away.


Taking the brand to market

This is where it all comes together. We execute your brand assets and get you ready for market. Now it's time to start making some serious noise in your world.

Building a brand involves strategic-thinking, clear communication and thought-evoking design.

The art of a great brand is developing something that can shape and influence customer perception.

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This product includes

Full Brand Workshop


We have designed a Brand Workshop that is guaranteed to build a solid infrastructure behind your brand. It’s all about understanding the direction and goals of the business, developing value behind your brand, understanding your customers, building incredible communication and positioning your brand effectively so you can smash your competition out of the water.

The Workshop will cover:
- Understanding your brand
- What you stand for
- Values and propositions
- Brand tone of voice
- Customer personas
- Communication
- Brand story
- Competitor analysis
- Brand positioning

Visual Identity


People like pretty things - it’s a fact! This is were we start weaving our creative magic and bring everything to life.

Your brand identity will include:
- Creative brainstorm session
- Logo design (our very own unique 5 stage process)
- Stylescapes
- Colour palette
- Font suite
- Full bespoke Brand guidelines document



Every word for your new brand will be crafted by a creative wordsmith. Communication is a key element to your brand and you need to ensure you are saying the right thing.



We are talking the bells and whistles of websites. You get a fully responsive website that will include copywriting, photography, design, and integrations. You will have the power of incredible creative, intuitive UX/UI, compelling copywriting and phenomenal photography at your disposal with our crack team of creators. And to top it all off, it will all be CMS which means you can edit things whenever you want without fear of any hefty agency bills coming your way.

Design rollout


For you big dogs, your current brand and designs will be all over the place. Everything from business cards to billboards right! Our design rollout will collect a list of everything your current brand touches and recreate based on the look and feel of your new brand.

This can include things like:
- Building signage
- Posters, pull-ups and printed material
- Vehicle signage
- Uniforms and apparel
- Marketing and sales collateral

Stationery Suite


Here's what you get:
- Google Docs Letterhead
- Google Slides presentation template
- Newsletter designs

Digital Assets


Obviously, you will be on social. What business isn’t… you will receive the essentials and also your digital setup.

You’ll get the basics
- Google my business setup
- Social pages set up
- Facebook profile picture, cover image and 3 branded templates
- Instagram profile picture, and 3 branded templates
- LinkedIn profile profile picture, cover image and 3 branded templates

Added extra


Every business needs business cards right? Let us get some sorted for you to get the ball rolling. We’ll shout you your first 250 standard business cards. Anymore for any more people and you will be shouting them yourself.



The Why

Brands need to be built to withstand the supersonic speed of the world.

This is the full monty of branding products. You will have strategic thinkers, creative geniuses, and wordsmither-ers at your fingertips. Your brand will be created with understanding, a strategy for longevity, killer creative, storytelling, and compelling communication. A fine recipe for greatness.

Want to take your brand to the next level?

Talk with us
Talk with us
What's next for your business?

Better brands, better businesses

To connect and differentiate in today's world brands combine engaging and powerful storytelling with a high level of creative flare. Technology moves quicker than anything now-a-days so your brand needs to step into the digital space and communicate and function effectively and life within the behaviour of your digital market.

We are all about understanding your business and your audience and crafting brands that will truly make an impact. We are an exciting bunch of strategists, creatives and marketers working together to build memorable, and effective brand experiences.