Wasting money trying to market a brand that doesn’t exist?

So many businesses are throwing money away when it comes to marketing. Literally, scrumpling and folding it into impressive origami objects only to take a match and set the whole thing alight! This is all too common. The problem. No brand

How to tell a great story

The history of storytelling goes back thousands of years. Cave dwellers used pigment to paint on walls with their hands to create stories and myths. The ancient Greeks carved their language into walls to tell how history was moving forward.

Good brands make more money

The brander in me could only stare into the sky, smile, and appreciate the genius that is branding.

Workshop stories: The Power of a word

Little did we know that one word would have us locked in a 40 minute discussion about whether is stays or goes.

Workshop stories: Why is my past important?

“What’s that got to do with you?” or “How does this affect the future of our business?”.

5 Great Web Design Resources

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