Introducing the Brand Workshop that will transform your business.

This immersive brand workshop, will guide you through the art of creating a market-leading brand.

For indivdual business

By the end of this brand workshop you will have a brand strategy and a solid plan for launching your business into your market effectively.

3 days
9 hours
1 workshop

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For business owners

The 7-part series of series of workshops designed to help business owners build better brands. You will learn everything you need to about branding.

As you work through the series you will create and test your own brand in a live environment.

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Coming soon  >

Inside the workshops

01 / Align your brand and business


Build your brand clarity roadmap to better understand where you are and where you're going. Shape your business, attract new customers, build brand affinity and loyalty, and improve your business well-being through developing and defining your values and purpose.

02 / Create value. Drive purpose.


Know what you want to say and how your want to say it. Control your narrative and create messaging that attracts, engages and drives decision-making.

03 / Deliver your message.


Know what you want to say and how your want to say it. Control your narrative and create messaging that attracts, engages and drives decision-making.

04 / Attract your customers


Do a deep dive into who your customers are and how they behave. Craft your own customer personas to increase the performance of your communicate and marketing efforts.

Save time and money marketing to the right people.

05 / Position your brand for success


Know where you sit in the market and own your position. Learn how to position your brand effectively in your market for the best results. Find your niche and become a leader.

06 / Create your own brand strategy


Build a strategy that will allow you to scale and achieve your goals. We will develop a step by step process to plan, implement and launch your brand to your team and your customers.

Step into the market with confidence knowing your have a brand that reflects your business.



Next steps
Next steps

What they say

“We have the clarity and confidence to go global with our business. We can be a big player!”

Clive McKay, Sunway Global

“We didn't think we would end up where we did, but we are so happy with the direction.”

Nicole Elliott, Pharmasols

This high-energy, immersive workshop is designed to transform businesses into market-leading brands.

Are you a business with a team looking to scale? This will be the answer you've been looking for.

Book workshop
Book workshop


This workshop event is for small businesses looking to learn about branding to elevate their business to the next level.


This is the digital experience of the workshop. Enjoy the full workshop experience without having to leave your office.

Join the 5 week brand crash course

Over the next 5 weeks we will be giving you a complete rundown on what it takes to transform your mechanically sound business and turn it into a market-leading influential brand.

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What's next for your business?

Change happens

Businesses are always changing, you might have been something completely different 5 years ago. Whenever there
is big change it is important to make sure your brand reflects the new direction.

If it doesn't... time to restrategise.