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Archoneer, an elite software development company, making huge strides in their field but needing to build a brand that could portray and communicate the future of their business.

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Our Work
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Build an identity that attracts and connects with your customers.

The BrandID is designed to provide businesses with a whole new look and feel that will attract the right customers, communicate your products/services clearly and make sure you stand out in the market.

Become the most attractive offer in the market. With more exposure comes heaps more sales!

This process includes

The Creative Brainstorm


In order to craft a show-stopping brand identity we must first understand how you want to be perceived and what your customers are attracted to.

From here, our creative brains go into overdrive, collating all the visual stimulus to know how we must proceed.

Sketch out


Everything starts with a pencil at nim and after we have bombarded you with visuals, we go away and sketch countless concepts to show you how you could look.

Black & Whites


Once sketches are reviewed we refine and work on composition. We take your three favourite concepts, put the Macs to work and computer-generated three perfectly carfted brand marks.

The Experimentation Process


Your chosen brand mark is then pulled, poked and prodded to ensure it can be applied to a variety of applications and then... dipped in colour.

We combine colour theory and composition to provide understanding behind the creation.

Final Identity


You've picked your brand mark, got your colour palette and built some assets to accompany it. Now is the time to package this up and provide you with every file you will ever need to take it to market.

*Final ID inc. brand guidelines



Your stylescape is the window to your brand identity. This piece of gold will allow everyone to see how you will look across a multitude of different assets.

This combined with your very own guidelines will ensure your new brand identity have the consistency needed to become memorable to your customers.

Must Have Assets


There are essentials you will need to go to market. With this product you will also receive:
- Business card design
- Letterhead design
- Email signature design
- Newsletter design

Total Price:


Discovery Workshop

Our Discovery Workshop has been crafted by our strategists and designers to ensure we get every piece of information we need to create your Startup brand. We don't hold back and neither should you.  

Handcrafted logo unique to your business

Our unique 6-step brand identity process is all about crafting the perfect identity for your business. There is an art to translating your data to aesthetics and this is where are creatives get their hand dirty.

Super effective 1-page website

You don't need a 50 page website to get started. Let's just focus on one! We have mastered a structure that delivers an effective 1-page website stripped of all the fat.  Right now, it's all about presence, communication, and conversion.

Brand asset collection

Every business needs brand assets. We have narrowed that list down to five assets. Business cards, Google templates, Presentation slides, Email signatures and Social media templates. Done and DONE!

Bring your idea to life.
Make an impact.
Get to market quicker.

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Talk to an expert

Find your purpose. Build your brand.

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Your identity is who you are

If your business has no personality and customers are overlooking you, maybe it's time to craft a brand identity
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